Tinder Nightmare

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I’d finally found him. All this time I’d felt like a part of me was missing; I’d been crawling though life weighed down by a boulder of loneliness. Until I met him. I saw his chiseled abs and piercing, brown orbs for eyes on tinder and instantly established a strong connection with him.

We’d text for hours a day, our bond transcended any other relationship i’d ever had. I finally felt someone understood me. We arranged to meet and I couldn’t have been more excited. I put on my best hat and watched as his car majestically pulled up in front of my house.

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Eagerly I climbed in and turned to bask in the beauty of my lovers face. And god was I disappointed. This guy was nothing like the photos I’d cherished. I had been tricked, my heart shattered, but I could not bring myself to reject him. I quickly calculated a plan to escape: when in doubt, toot out. But my plan instantly backfired…

Daya Bharj is a participant from MADE in HAYES – a two year project where local people collaborate to make online TV programmes.

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