The Worst Stereotypes About People of Colour

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Stereotypes have been injected in society since the existence of  ‘Stock types’ in film/TV. There are stereotypes for Asian people, for Black people, for people with blonde coloured hair. In fact there is probably a stereotype for pretty much every type of person you can think of. However, the problem with stereotypes is that they are often really offensive, overly exaggerated and mostly false assumptions about a ‘type’ of person.

In this set of interviews,  a group of young people are asked ‘What are the worst stereotypes about People of Colour’. One person said the worst and very common stereotype about black people is that they are always going to commit a crime. Sadly, this was a frequent opinion amongst all of the young people throughout the video. This further illustrates what majority of mass media reinforces in the news, such as negative picture portrayals of POC in the media. This is predominately seen after a crime, where in comparison to the family orientated picture of a white person for a considerably worse crime, a black person will be shown displaying gang signs or in a ‘threatening’ disposition. If stereotypes and racism is so overtly pushed in our everyday mass media, how can we expect a change from  society?


Have you experienced racism ? What are the worst stereotypes you know about POC? Feel free to comment below the video and join in the debate, we’d love to hear your views!

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