The Smiling Girl | Short Horror Film

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During the summer holiday young BAME people from the Ealing borough worked on MADE’s film-making project. They created five horror shorts to be screened online.

The Smiling Girl rehearsal session and character building

The Smiling Girl is about a girl who visits three men to seek revenge for running her over while intoxicated.  She haunts them at their workplace to deliver them their comeuppance.

Smiling Girl seeks revenge on her killers

The Smiling Girl still resembles the little girl when her life was abruptly ended by the crime these three men committed, leaving her to fight for her life to the end.  She was denied growing up and seeing life to its full and is angry that those responsible were never punished for their crime.

Smiling girl makeup

She extracts her revenge on all three of the men for taking her life from her at such a young age, haunting and playing with their minds till the end.

The Smiling Girl is one of madeTV’s most popular videos after its Halloween release. Check it out now!

Special thanks to John Lyon’s Charity for funding the summer holiday film-making project.



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