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Religion Causes War

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"Religion Causes War" - Agree or Disagree? This matter has been a debate for centuries, Does religion cause War? Many people accuse religion of being the catalytic factor in war, however I am in agreement with the few that say religion is not the cause of war but rather the excuse used to cover up the real reasons. The basis of faith is love and a relationship with God, however over time the world has contaminated the key values of faith. In this Agree or Disagree spectral lines episode of 'Religion causes war', the participants are called to explore their…

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Worst Stereotypes about Muslims

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The 21st century has probably seen the worst criticism and assumptions, in relation to both the Christian and Muslim faith. It has been said that the foundation of both religions although very different, is ‘Love’. However because of recent events in the media e.g terrorists attacks, an abundance of negative associations have stuck to Muslims and created harsh stereotypes. In these set of interviews young people of Muslim faith, are asked to discuss the worst stereotypes about Muslims that they know or have been subjected to. One young man tells a shocking story of when he was asked the question…

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Religion Vs Homosexuality – Can they coexist?

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This compelling short documentary provides an insight into the relationship between religion and homosexuality. Its tackles the topic from a new perspective, not pitting religion and homosexuality against each other, instead discussing the relationship within the framework of universal principles. The documentary focuses on Naz’s story, told by his fiancé and soulmate Matthew Ogston. Naz tragically took his own life two days after being confronted about his sexuality by his religious family. Matthew set up the Naz and Matt Foundation in 2012, in memory of his late fiancé. The foundation wants to tackle homophobia triggered by religion to help parents…

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