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Summer Holiday Activity Project

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During this summer holiday 2016 Make A Difference Entertainment worked with young BAME people from the Ealing borough to create five horror shorts during the holiday period.  With Funding from John Lyons who understood the work we are trying to do with young people to build employablity, community cohesion and help young BAME people into the media industry.   We had scripts already produced but brainstormed with the young people to develop them further as well as finding talented cast, crew, location, costumes and make up artist!  Sounds like a lot which it was but that was the buzz about…

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Funny Horror Short Film – Breakdown

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During the summer holiday Make A Difference Entertainment worked with young BAME people from the Ealing borough on a project to create five horror shorts during the holiday period.  We were sponsored by John Lyons who supported us to work with the young people to develop and enhance their skills. One of the horror shorts was 'Breakdown' which is about a woman who is on her way to an indian wedding alone when her car suddenly breaks down in the night. She is in a dark, deserted woods and her car just won't start.  She begins to panic and frantically…

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Gay Short Film | Guy Crush

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Guy Crush is about bullying and  negativity towards gay people and how one teenager overcomes a negative situation based in college grounds can overcome the fear of being treated differently in regards to their sexuality . The main Character Sam who is played by Lalit Kapalani is Emotional always wearing dark clothing he is afraid to show who he really is in terms of his sexuality which is being Gay. throughout the episode he is faced with bullying and hatred from another character Katie whom is played by Beth Morris. throughout the Episode we see Sam become more confident in who…

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MadeTV introduces the ‘Most Likely To Be …’ series!

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   MadeTV brings to you ‘Most likely to be …’ This new series challenges  a group of mixed individuals to do the exact thing we have been told not to do all of our lives. ‘Judge a book by it’s cover’.  This lighthearted series consists of a group of 5-8 strangers who are are asked one compelling question in each episode. "Who in this room is the most likely to be racist?" "Who is most likely to be gay?" And many more.  In this setting, they are asked to order themselves in ranking, from left to right representing ‘Most likely’ to ‘Least…

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Its not all fun and games – Navigating the online dating world

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  Increasingly more and more people are turning to the Internet and online apps in their quest for love. Killer Sext, Tinder Nightmare and Instagram Freak are three very funny shorts that explore perils of online dating in a humorous way. Dating is scary enough, but with online dating there is an extra fear – will the person match their picture? Tinder Nightmare is based on this very premise, is your hot date, actually hot? Will they look like their picture? Tinder Nightmare explores this modern epidemic in dating. https://youtu.be/InIVgMv6FnM What happens then your date is interested in instagraming the…

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‘Snow White’ Beauty

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Her impressive client list includes Vogue China, Harper’s Bazaar India, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Accessorize, H&M, Samsung and many more. During her insightful travels, Sundal developed a universal change in consciousness, thus aiming to use her skills and network to allow sophisticated productions to companies who aspire to handle themselves in a more sustainable and ethical manner. After seeing British born asian supermodel -  Neelam Kaur Gill, the face of Burberry 2014 on the cover of Evening Standard magazine. Roy takes the opportunity to discuss serious issues of diversity in the modelling industry. Sundal poses questions like: Where does the root…

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