Shocking Horror Short – The Bed Bug

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During the summer holiday Make A Difference Entertainment worked with young BAME people from the Ealing borough on a project to create five horror shorts during the holiday period.  We were sponsored by John Lyons who supported us to work with the young people to develop and enhance their skills.

For The Bed Bug we had our youngest cast member so it was important to focus on rehearsals to see what worked in getting the characters right for the short.  Trying to portray a alcoholic cruel mother and a young, neglected girl required different acting skills by our talented young people, who grasped the characters perfectly.

Neglected in Bed Bug horror short

‘The Bed Bug’ is about a neglected young girl who is mistreated by her alcoholic mother.  Feeling alone with no one to relate to she becomes obsessed with the mysterious local killer called ‘The Bed Bug’ who has recently escaped from prison.  The Bed Bug claims his victims whilst they are in bed and kills them.

The young girl is particularly interested in The Bed Bug as he only targets individuals who have been cruel and unkind to children and young people, extracting revenge on their behalf so to speak.  It may be that The Bed Bug has had a unfortunate upbringing where he was neglected or ill treated and feels he has to bring justice to those being mistreated.

The young girl collects newspaper cuttings and pins them on her wall, making a shrine to the serial killer The Bed Bug.  She sits in her room reading the cuttings to escape the cruel and harsh treatment received by her mother.

Alcoholic mother treating daughter as slaveThe alcoholic mother  treats her daughter as a slave using a bell whenever she wants her for anything including filling her cup with alcohol.

The mother calls her daughter and holds her face up to force her to watch the TV show she is watching. The mother gets great pleasure in terrorising her neglected daughter who runs back to her room in disgust and fear.

When will this cruel behaviour end from her mother.  All the young girl longs for is to be loved and wanted, not treated like a slave.


Alcoholic mother being mean to daugher

Will The Bed Bug bring justice to the little girl and free her from the cruel behaviour of her mother…


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