‘Snow White’ Beauty

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Her impressive client list includes Vogue China, Harper’s Bazaar India, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Accessorize, H&M, Samsung and many more.

During her insightful travels, Sundal developed a universal change in consciousness, thus aiming to use her skills and network to allow sophisticated productions to companies who aspire to handle themselves in a more sustainable and ethical manner.

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After seeing British born asian supermodel –  Neelam Kaur Gill, the face of Burberry 2014 on the cover of Evening Standard magazine. Roy takes the opportunity to discuss serious issues of diversity in the modelling industry. Sundal poses questions like: Where does the root of the problem stem from? Why does the industry perpetuate white beauty standards? What impact does this have on society? How can we find a solution for this problem?

In reply to a comment on her youtube video, Sundal Roy states: “I can only really speak about it from my point of view but I know it’s not just my industry that suffers from this.  Racism didn’t end when people stopped using the n and the p word, it just got shoved underground and actually, we are all somewhat complicit and I think we all have unconscious bias towards marginalised groups, not only ethnic groups but people of different genders, sexualities, body types, abilities etc.  We all need to take responsibility, be willing to get uncomfortable, and educate ourselves and each other.”

Roy takes a moment to acknowledge the lack of diversity within the beauty industry, whilst attempting to attract awareness to the situation not only in the modelling industry but in society in general. Ultimately, Sundal is successful in defining types of racism and speaking up about this issue inspiring young girls to stay true to their roots.

To find out more on Sundal Roy:

Youtube Channel: Sundal Roy

Instagram: @sundalroy

Facebook: Sundal Roy


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