Religion Causes War

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“Religion Causes War” – Agree or Disagree?

This matter has been a debate for centuries, Does religion cause War? Many people accuse religion of being the catalytic factor in war, however I am in agreement with the few that say religion is not the cause of war but rather the excuse used to cover up the real reasons. The basis of faith is love and a relationship with God, however over time the world has contaminated the key values of faith.


In this Agree or Disagree spectral lines episode of ‘Religion causes war’, the participants are called to explore their own opinions on a subject this controversy. It’s pretty much split down the middle in this episode, some participants agree that it does cause war due to the variations of religion but some disagree on this saying that it’s just used as an excuse, taking away the real meaning of faith.

What do you think, does religion cause war? What is religion? Feel free to comment below!

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