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‘Ghost In The Shell’ producer’s denial of whitewashing sums up everything wrong with Hollywood

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Steven Paul attempted to justify the controversial casting of Scarlett Johansson as Major Motoko Kusanagi in an interview with BuzzFeed News.   Fans of Masamune Shirow's manga series Ghost in the Shell were outraged when news that Scarlett Johansson would be playing the lead character was released and quickly took to social media to voice their disappointment. However, Steven Paul remains defiant and defends the decision. He insists that fans will change their minds.   "I think everybody is going to end up being really happy with it. They’re going to be very, very happy with it when they see what we’ve actually done…

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There aren’t enough people of colour in mainstream media

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Diversity within mainstream media appears to be improving when we look back in comparison to just a century ago. For example, at the end of last year London born black actor John Boyega, debuted his lead role in the major film production Star Wars, shocking many traditional Star Wars fans. This indeed has opened the door for many young actors of colour from London, but when looking at the statistics it is clear to see that we have a long way to go until we reach equality. In this Agree or Disagree…

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Fuck Mary Kill – Trump, Hopkins or Hitler?

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Damn MadeTV, back at it again with another FMK episode! In this episode of Fuck Marry or Kill, a group of young people are asked the almost impossible question: 'Would you F*ck Marry or Kill Trump, Hopkins or Hitler?' WARNING: Be prepared to cry of laughter as you watch this crazy clip below! Would you F*ck, Marry or Kill Trump, Hopkins or Hitler? Feel free to comment below the video and join in the debate, we'd love to hear your views! Don't forget to Subscribe, Like and Keep updated with MadeTV to be the first to know about new…

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Young People Sleep Rough – YMCA – Sleep Easy

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In this documentary with YMCA, A group of very selfless individuals took the streets to raise awareness of the very big problem that is 'homelessness'. Some of the individuals who partook in this event had endured homelessness before and was able to therefore shed some light and give testimony as to how it was overcome. The aim of the 'Sleep Easy' event was to raise awareness of homelessness and also raise funds to combat this widespread issue. What do you think could be done to help the homeless? Would you partake in the 'Sleep Easy' event? Feel free to…

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Worst Stereotypes about Muslims

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The 21st century has probably seen the worst criticism and assumptions, in relation to both the Christian and Muslim faith. It has been said that the foundation of both religions although very different, is ‘Love’. However because of recent events in the media e.g terrorists attacks, an abundance of negative associations have stuck to Muslims and created harsh stereotypes. In these set of interviews young people of Muslim faith, are asked to discuss the worst stereotypes about Muslims that they know or have been subjected to. One young man tells a shocking story of when he was asked the question…

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Meet Your Makers: Daya

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  This is just a typical Saturday for me at Made in Hayes; here you witness the unjust struggles I constantly face from my own colleges. Their understandable envy fuelled their ceaseless attempts to extinguish my light, but me being such a modest and loving individual, did the world a favour and pumped them full of lead. But in all seriousness, this was my first video at Made In Hayes and whilst filming this, I learnt how to heighten my personally for the camera and discovered my onscreen niche: murder. I used to take performing arts, but was discouraged from…

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YMCA – Opportunities Day For Young Women

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  This documentary shows some of the best highlights from our YMCA - Opportunities Day For Young Women  event. This event was dedicated to empowering young woman from all aspects of life. This positive programme help young ladies with anxiety problems, confidence, talent development, sexual health and more. Feel free to join in the discussion below the video, we'd love to hear from you! Don’t forget to Subscribe, Like and Keep updated with MadeTV to be the first to know about new videos and many more exciting things! Twitter: @MadeOnlineTV Facebook: Make A Difference Entertainment  

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Hayes Community Matters – Part 1

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Home is where the heart is? Not everyone feels that way. In this documentary of 'Hayes Community Matters', local residents are interviewed by MADE and asked about their views on their  hometown area of Hayes. Some feel that Hayes is run down, gang filled, and dirty whilst others feel as if it's a diverse land of opportunity and most importantly it feels like home. What do you think about Hayes? Feel free to join in the discussion below the video, we'd love to hear from you!   Don’t forget to Subscribe, Like and Keep updated with MadeTV to be…

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The Worst Stereotypes About People of Colour

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  Stereotypes have been injected in society since the existence of  ‘Stock types’ in film/TV. There are stereotypes for Asian people, for Black people, for people with blonde coloured hair. In fact there is probably a stereotype for pretty much every type of person you can think of. However, the problem with stereotypes is that they are often really offensive, overly exaggerated and mostly false assumptions about a ‘type’ of person. In this set of interviews,  a group of young people are asked ‘What are the worst stereotypes about People of Colour’. One person said the worst and very common…

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Homosexuality is a sin

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  A shocking truth was revealed mid week, when it was called to everyone attention that  Orlando shooter was actually a Gay man of Islamic faith himself. A question that has been raised by many this week is that was it the pressure of his faith and his sexuality being a sin that caused him to act out in such a way.   In this Agree or Disagree spectral lines episode of 'Homosexuality is a Sin',  the participants are called to explore their own opinions on a subject this controversy. This exercise challenges our viewers to rethink stereotypes and diversity and issues, concerning…

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