Orlando Massacre & ‘Worst stereotypes about Gays’/ ‘Straight guys go gay’ Interviews!

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This week’s shocking massacre have shook the LGBT community greatly, as a young man took to a Gay night club to target civilians because of their chosen sexuality. President Barack Obama referred to the crime as “an act of terror and an act of hate”. The media has chosen the shooters choice of faith ‘Islam’ as a focal point, however there are extremists of every faith who make wrong decisions. Many people do not agree with the LGBT lifestyle, however a life is still a life and a soul is still a soul, thus meaning that whether or not we as a society agree with their chosen sexuality, who are we to decide who lives or dies?



In light of this, Made has put together two videos focusing on the taboo or unspoken elements of being gay. In the ‘Worst stereotypes about Gays’ interview,  a group of young people discuss the most common stereotypes and views about Gay people. Are gay people really the eccentric and happy go lucky illustrations they show in films? The young people shed some light on this.

Similar to the video above, In the light-hearted second video ‘Straight guys go gay’, young people ask questions straight guys are often curious about and also list the male celebrities they find attractive. Psst. Channing Tatum is definitely on the list.

How do you feel about the massacre?  Feel free to comment below the video and join in the debate!

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