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This is just a typical Saturday for me at Made in Hayes; here you witness the unjust struggles I constantly face from my own colleges. Their understandable envy fuelled their ceaseless attempts to extinguish my light, but me being such a modest and loving individual, did the world a favour and pumped them full of lead. But in all seriousness, this was my first video at Made In Hayes and whilst filming this, I learnt how to heighten my personally for the camera and discovered my onscreen niche: murder. I used to take performing arts, but was discouraged from perusing it any further. Working at Made has encouraged me to develop my skills on and off camera, and made me remember just how much I loved performing. I became more comfortable in front of the camera and got to know all my co workers; so well that I don’t call them co workers any more, they’re now my buddies.

I was taught how any mundane situation and location can be made into something comical and I developed my skills in the art of improvisation. The scenes played out were not scripted, not even the private interviews, we were simply given an aim for our character and told to interact with the the other person, although this was incredibly challenging, it created a much more relaxed vibe and the results were better then I had anticipated. I was just casually eating my spaghetti while waiting to be interviewed and Blaise sneakily filmed me and made this simple act into an iconic moment of the video, teaching me another valuable lesson: any opportunity is golden. I loved making this video as it gave me an excuse to wear my prom dress again, my favourite moment of the day was when I did a quick change into it during lunch and startled everyone when they came back. I did wear that dress once  to Sainsbury’s when I was bored, but I couldn’t make it a regular thing as it was pretty impractical.


I’m not the kind of person to make any foul gestures, but working at Made encouraged my to flip the bird to the camera, and feel really good about it. They even used that notorious shot as the first picture on the website for Made In Hayes, my parents were so proud. I learned an interesting technical trick where the participant holds the zoom mic in their hand instead of having to use a boom pole, this came in handy when I was creating other projects. This was a great first project to work on and I thoroughly enjoyed how my character very quickly developed from a sweet, harmless girl to a cold-hearted killer with a superiority complex. I wasn’t really acting at the point.


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