MadeTV introduces the ‘Most Likely To Be …’ series!

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 MadeTV brings to you ‘Most likely to be …’ This new series challenges  a group of mixed individuals to do the exact thing we have been told not to do all of our lives. ‘Judge a book by it’s cover’.  This lighthearted series consists of a group of 5-8 strangers who are are asked one compelling question in each episode. “Who in this room is the most likely to be racist?” “Who is most likely to be gay?” And many more.  In this setting, they are asked to order themselves in ranking, from left to right representing ‘Most likely’ to ‘Least likely’. These brave individuals are forced to discuss the unspoken topics within society and really get to the ‘nitty gritty’ of the subject matter.

In the first episode of the series ‘Most Likely To Be Racist’, 5 young people talk about racism’s very existent presence within modern day society. They talk about the possible innate tendency to prejudge people daily, based on looks and other superficial characteristics. They also discuss the idea of White Privilege and White Supremacy VS. racism to people of colour, coming to the conclusion that not only is racism not extinct, but it can be experienced by anyone.

To some this may be almost uncomfortable to watch, however this series aims to push audiences to challenge their own prejudgements and be open to the possibility of new and exciting concepts.

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