Londoners discuss: How racist are people of colour?

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Black people cant be racist

Racism has been a topic of talk for centuries and today is no different.  In the integrated study by Paula S. Rothernburg she comments:

Can people of colour be racist?” I reply, “The answer depends on your definition of racism.” If one defines racism as racial prejudice, the answer is yes. People of colour can and do have racial prejudices. However, if one defines racism as a system of advantage based on race, the answer is no. People of colour are not racist because they do not systematically benefit from racism..

Many people across social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook often argue that people of colour cannot be racist because matters like institutionalised racism do not benefit them but rather stunt progress and elevate the people of a different background instead.

Twitter users opinion on racism towards white people

In this short clip, a group of people are posed with this very question. Much like Rotherburg the majority agree that racism is dependant on your own definition of the word. Watch the clip here to find out what else they had to say:



Do you agree with what the young people have said? What about Rothernburg? Feel free to comment below the video and join in the debate, we’d love to hear your view!


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