Knife crime – Short film

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Kageth Kathirgamalingam is a participant on MADE in HAYES – a two project where local young people collaborate to make online TV content. Kageth details his experience on making his first short with us: 

I came with this idea in the second session of MADE in HAYES. I stated with a few simple ideas, and from those ideas I picked out the idea that would give a message to the audience, to impact their daily life and also I wanted it to be very simple and easy for audience to understand.

When it comes to the shooting day it went smoothly from morning till we uploaded the content online. In the morning it begin with the cast rehearsing, everyone understood what we have to do, what we trying to show and they easily understood the content. Which helped me a lot to get the work that I need for the content.  Then we went to a location, which was a tunnel that was a perfect fit for the content.

After we finished the shoot we went to edit.  Farris did the edit of the video and I showed him a reference video of how I wanted the video to be. He didn’t seem to have any problem with it and he produced the video like I pictured it in my head, which was really great.

I learned that if you plan the content really well then it would be really easy to picture it and bring it to the screen. I gained lots of confidence in directing and figure I lead another session with a crew.  Also I’ve now got lots of set experience.

If I was going to recommend the project to someone, I would say it is a great place to develop your creative ideas and bring the ideas to the screen with great crew of people.  You would definitely improve your skills in general and in media industry. You would get to work with great cameras, equipment and people.


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