Its not all fun and games – Navigating the online dating world

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Increasingly more and more people are turning to the Internet and online apps in their quest for love. Killer Sext, Tinder Nightmare and Instagram Freak are three very funny shorts that explore perils of online dating in a humorous way.

Dating is scary enough, but with online dating there is an extra fear – will the person match their picture? Tinder Nightmare is based on this very premise, is your hot date, actually hot? Will they look like their picture? Tinder Nightmare explores this modern epidemic in dating.

What happens then your date is interested in instagraming the event, than actually getting to know you? Instagram Freak is a comedic take on our addiction to social media. We’ve all been guilty of being caught up in the need to record an event, rather than enjoying it and live in the moment. How many of us have rearrange a table setting to make our food look more appealing for an Instagram picture? Or faked having a good time in a Snapchat video, rather than actually having a good time? Instagram Freak makes fun of our crazy addiction to our online personas and finds the humor in our need to look like we are having a good time at the expense of having a good time.

Like Instagram Freak, Killer Sext shows the dangers living in virtual world, instead of the real one. Being glued to your phone could have real world consequences.

These three comedic shorts take on Internet dating in a refreshingly funny way.


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