‘Bearded Lady’ defies bullies

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made by Harnaam, 25

A member of the Asian community, Harnaam Kaur (25) from Slough, suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (POS) that triggers a hormonal imbalance that causes excessive facial and body hair to develop. Since the age of 11, her failed attempts to remove the hair and the humiliation and the teasing became increasingly unbearable, in which she had lost all hope and wished to end her life. Yet, there was something within Harnaam always not allowing her to go through with her decision. A pivotal turn in the approach of dealing with this situation resulted in an epiphany, making Harnaam realise she needed to proceed on a journey in altering her life’s path, by flushing out all the negative feelings, fine-tuning them into new positive affirmations. This lead to Harnaam, ultimately embracing her femininity and the title once perceived through critical notions – ‘The Bearded Lady’.

“Our bodies are diverse, beautifully perfect and amazing in their own ways. Every person living on this earth right now is different from the next. I have learnt that there is no such thing as being “normal” or “normality.” We have learnt to accept our bodies for the way that it has grown and shaped; we have learnt to love myself unconditionally. Life is so precious, we should live it the way we want to and happily.” – Harnaam Kaur

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Miss Kaur, with Fixers Campaign has helped create a film tackling bullying. Harnaam exhibits long-lasting effects of negative words, which are portrayed as post-it notes.

Born into a Sikh family, she accepted her faith – which prohibits removal of hair – as of then she started to grow her beard. At present, Miss Kaur is delighted and content with herself.

Harnaam has also been involved in various other campaigns. As part of Illmasqua’s #LettertoLittleMe campaign Harnaam wrote an inspiring piece, entailing her moments of being bullied in school and taunted in the street.

Now Harnaam is participating and representing London for the ‘Eff your beauty standards’ movement. In attempt to promote awareness, in society, on bullying and body shaming. Her main objective is to help men and women discover self-love and body confidence inside them, thus challenging the stereotypes of beauty ideals in this day and age.

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Harnaam offers such a diverse image within the media, Asian community and society in general, to demonstrate that being unique is acceptable. As she said: ‘I try looking at myself now as a more confident woman and I’ve left the 11-year-old Harnaam Kaur behind. She went through a lot of stuff and for me to actually come to this point now where I’ve empowered myself and I love my body for the way it is.’


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