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Guy Crush is about bullying and  negativity towards gay people and how one teenager overcomes a negative situation based in college grounds can overcome the fear of being treated differently in regards to their sexuality . The main Character Sam who is played by Lalit Kapalani is Emotional always wearing dark clothing he is afraid to show who he really is in terms of his sexuality which is being Gay. throughout the episode he is faced with bullying and hatred from another character Katie whom is played by Beth Morris. throughout the Episode we see Sam become more confident in who he is and makes contact with Chris who is played by Ben-Ah time. we see Sam’s confidence grow from being bullied to not caring and Everyone at college handing him the love and support of his classmates to  his sexuality.

There is a huge twist this is because you would not expect your own boyfriend to just randomly make out with another Guy for sure but Katie’s views seem to be mind blown as soon as she turns around from getting her now ex boyfriend a drink from the canteens machine. Katie she has a few issues of her own growing up catholic and believing to be with the same gender is leading towards the devil has created inside her head a strong overview to how only males and females should be together and not two males or even two females. Katie becomes a big bully towards Sam including slapping him after the exam and writing the word fag on a paper and thrown to him on the table.  Sending an embarrassing photo around the class takes it to another level Katie just wants to make his life horrible to the highest point.  Going back to Sam the reason behind him crying in the bathroom because his feelings of everyone knowing brought him to suicide often times people in this situation turn to suicide through the episode its shown that you don’t need to go down that route Sam is showing that its okay to be Gay that its okay to be comfortable of who you are

Chris played by Ben-Ahtime his views on sexuality of being gay is it doesn’t matter to him  the reason for this is because Chris is Bi-sexual and even though from growing up of being on road where on road if you was Gay it appear to been an issue but to him it wouldn’t  matter only because he has kissed a couple of guys but became ‘interested’ in Katie. when his eyes met Sam’s eyes in the canteen a whole new chapter opened to him and  by sending his ‘girlfriend’ to get a drink gave him the chance to snog  Sam . Both tables where Sam sat and where Chris sat seemed to have a few sparks from Sam trying to play a little tune for Chris and Chris replying back with a short gaze into his eyes leading them to be more intimate and for Sam to say lets do it who cares.

Overall to show from a college based environment all the negativity the bullying  all the hate and to show how it doesn’t matter who you are should change your mind to sexuality even if you see two guys making out you should be happy that they have found love and not think that it is wrong even if the bible says it is doesn’t mean you should right?

Guy Crush and this article was created by Nathan Lobo – a participant from the MADE in HAYES project.



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