Gay Short Film | Guy Crush – The Making Of

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It all began 5 months ago whilst attending Sunday sessions for MADE in Hayes I was given a task by Blaise (session facilitator) to come up with a script in regards to diversity. My mind headed towards a LGBT theme. The first draft was named Girl Crush simple idea about a girl struggling to find her sexuality – her aunt had died recently and the main character struggling between school and home. Over those 5 months I shot a visual of Girl Crush to the script I developed with my college classmates just to see what worked and what did not work. Filming, Editing and producing a visual for Girl Crush was great. Then it came to finding experienced actresses for made for my own shoot. The process of this was extremely stressful this is because I was searching on various sites just for two actresses. Having low responses did not tell me to give up.

About 2 weeks later I attended a meeting with Blaise of where we worked towards a more simple but effective story and to write a visual script with no dialogue. This task I found difficult due to the fact I always write scripts with dialogue. When I wrote the script with no dialogue my mind opened up to new paths. I felt more open to what each scene could look like and visualised each shot. Blaise liked the visual script and that’s when guy crush came about. Guy crush is similar to as Girl Crush but about a guy finding his sexuality a struggle and ends up kissing Katie’s boyfriend Chris. The main character Sam played by Lalit  was a success with the facial expressions in every scene from being down and upset to being happy and proud to who he really is. The overview is that  no matter what gender you like just go for it and for people to accept being gay, lesbian, transgender or even bisexual. The actors fulfilled their roles in emotions and the whole team behind the camera as well as on camera played their part to the highest they could go. Through MADE I was able to work with actor participants from Hayes who were both comfortable with their roles of being a main character and a sub character and yet they both got in touch and in depth to who the character is including facial expressions and feelings.  

Having everyone at MADE during the shoot made the project flow entirely  better than I had thought, having help on set  gave me more confidence to progress in my pilot episode. This is the first project I am proud of and to everyone at MADE has made me very happy there is not a day where I have left without keeping a smile upon my face. Furthermore,  picking up little techniques in directing within other projects at made helped me to produce a great finished project. My confidence in directing is going places and one day I will be or even aim to be the next Spielberg.


Watch the BTS clips here:

MADE in Hayes is a two year project where local young people collaborate to make online TV content. This project is funded by People’s Health Trust.


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