Funny Horror Short Film – Breakdown

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During the summer holiday Make A Difference Entertainment worked with young BAME people from the Ealing borough on a project to create five horror shorts during the holiday period.  We were sponsored by John Lyons who supported us to work with the young people to develop and enhance their skills.

One of the horror shorts was ‘Breakdown’ which is about a woman who is on her way to an indian wedding alone when her car suddenly breaks down in the night. She is in a dark, deserted woods and her car just won’t start.  She begins to panic and frantically starts looking at the car manual.

Woman car breaks down in woods

Then out of nowhere a monster like presence appears in front of her car. The monster is wearing a white dress blood stained as if she has been victim to an unfair crime in the woods she haunts. The monster is bald and has a cold, icy presence with lifeless looking eyes.  The woman in the car begins to panic even more, frantically looking at her mobile which has stopped working. She turns off her car lights so that she can’t see the monster figure.

Blood stained monster lurks in deserted woods

Every time she puts her car lights on the monster appears to be moving closer and closer.  The monster creepily approaches the woman in distress with a menacing look about her.

The woman begins to panic further she hears breathing from inside the car, that she hasn’t heard before.  Is it her own breath? The woman puts on her lighter to see more clearly and discovers that the monster is inside the car with her.

Is this the end for the woman, will she make the wedding and have a bloody end like the monster?



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