Video and Film

Make A Difference Entertainment (MADE) is a social enterprise dedicated to creating brighter futures for London’s diverse communities through the co-production of innovative and engaging digital content.

Vision: Uniting London’s diverse communities through entertainment.

Mission statement: Brighter futures for marginalised groups through the co-creation of innovative and engaging digital content.

Our values are

  • Distinction: a unique approach to training through experiential learning
  • Inspiration: developing community cohesion and employability to kick start careers
  • Co-creation: to take creative risks in making stereotype-busting content
  • Empowerment: authentic representation of under-represented communities
  • Promotion: providing undiscovered talent with a voice and making it heard
  • Entertainment: thought-provoking yet fun programming that increases understanding
  • Involvement: audience participation and creating work opportunities
  • Disruption: to mainstream media by catering for under-served audiences